Symperal™ High Frequency Wand
Symperal™ High Frequency Wand
Symperal™ High Frequency Wand
Symperal™ High Frequency Wand
Symperal™ High Frequency Wand
Symperal™ High Frequency Wand
Symperal™ High Frequency Wand
Symperal™ High Frequency Wand
Symperal™ High Frequency Wand
Symperal™ High Frequency Wand

Symperal™ High Frequency Wand

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Finally Get Consistently Clear, YouthFul, and Healthy Skin

Beautiful and healthy skin does not have to cost a fortune. Unlock the remarkable results that high frequency delivers from the comfort of your home, at a fraction of the cost. Whether it's acne, wrinkles, aging skin, scars, fine lines, or thinning hair, our high-frequency wand has proven to show remarkable results.

Take Years Off - Tighten Skin and Reduce Wrinkles

The Symperal™ Wand is effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines over time by boosting circulation and collagen production which helps you have "plump" skin cells to fill in voids which are underlying of wrinkles and fine lines.

Medical-Grade Facial Treatment - At Home

Dermatologists and estheticians have been recommending and using high-frequency skin therapy to their patients for a long time. High frequency is a tried and tested method for treating many different skin issues. However, it has almost been a well-kept secret and you could only get access to it at a medical spa while getting a $150-300 facial.

Eliminate Acne Causing Bacteria

Anyone who has ever had acne has probably had someone tell them: "If you washed your face and kept it clean all the time you wouldn't have these problems."

That's easy for someone who has never had acne problems to say. While there is some truth to that, it is only part of the story. At the root of all acne is Propionibacterium acnes (P. Acnes) bacteria, which is not located on the surface of the skin. Simply washing your face doesn't kill P acnes because they live underneath the skin. This is why High-frequency treatments are extremely effective and popular in the dermatology industry.

It uses a neon gas electrode to emit a small electrical current that generates oxygen (called Ozone) when applied to the skin. This shortens the lifespan of your blemish and preventing future acne breakouts.

Prevent Breakouts Before They Start

You know that bump in your skin, right before the pimple forms? Yeah, so do we. When you use the high-frequency wand with our spot treatment tube or any other, you kill the bacteria that led to the lump within a day, you'll notice it is gone! By killing the bacteria and preventing their growth, you've effectively prevented the acne from breaking the surface of your skin and becoming a blemish or scar (we know how hard those are to get rid of)!

How it Works - The Science

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the universal currency for energy in all cells of the human body. As we age, ATP production slows which can lead to the outward sign of aging. Sagging skin, hair loss, age spots or other skin imperfections are the hallmark signs of decreased cell activity due to aging. The Symperal™ Wand amplifies cell turnover by supercharging ATP synthesis to slow, halt and ultimately reverse the aging process leading to firmer younger skin.

The safe, gentle oscillating and oxygenating power of high-frequency electrical currents also enhance blood circulation, increase collagen and elastin production, encourages lymphatic drainage, and improves skin care product absorption. 

The Tubes & Their Benefits:

The Tongue & Bent (Dot-Point) Tubes. The probe set is designed for harder to reach areas such as under your eyes to allow for treating dark circles or bags.

  • Natural Acne Treatment

Circle the dot-point and tongue applicators to reduce acne healing time by up to 90% . High-frequency treatment kills the bacteria directly beneath while simultaneously providing a natural boost of cellular to reduce inflammation. This shortens the lifespan of your blemish and prevents future breakouts, and reduces the likelihood of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

  • Use it in conjunction with your favorite beauty creams and serums to drastically improve the absorption into your skin.
  • Reduce Blackheads and Eye Puffiness
  • Use the tongue applicator to control excess sebum production and eliminate the occurrence of blackheads. The high frequency also helps with lymphatic drainage and dispersing excess fluids, which reduces the appearance of congested tired, puffy eyes.  

The Bent (Dot-Point) Tube: Use this probe to spot treat acne and acne scars and other skin flaws that need spot treatment.

The Mushroom Tube: This probe is for the treatment of the facial skin, the largest area that is prone to wrinkles, fine lines, and crow's feet. It stimulates collagen to production that fills in the gaps of the skin.

  • Softens Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Use the mushroom applicator to stimulate blood circulation and cell renewal as well as collagen and elastin production which diminishes the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles and improves the overall skin texture.

  • Use it in conjunction with your favorite beauty creams & serums to drastically increase the absorption into the skin. 

Comb Tube: This probe was designed to make contact with the scalp and the hair to stimulate hair follicles and to achieve thicker, healthier hair growth and reduce dandruff.

  • Healthier Hair Growth

Energize hair follicles and increase blood circulation to the scalp using the comb applicator.

How to Use Symperal™ High Frequency Wand

Very simple 6 step process on how to use it properly and safely. Click here for more detailed information.

Why Everybody Wants It?

✔️ Treats Naturally. The device supercharges the ATP to intensify the turnover of cells. And slow down skin aging.

✔️ Easy to Use. From changing glass attachments to practical usage, anyone can make use of the therapy device and add it to his or her skin care routine.

✔️ Cost Effective. A High-Frequency facial at a spa can range anywhere from $100-200 per treatment and it is recommended to receive this treatment at least 3 times a week. So do the math! For only $39.99 you get unlimited sessions!

✔️ Portable. This set can be brought with you even when you travel so you can use it daily.

✔️ Versatile. Anyone from homeowners, students, professionals, and workers who are often exposed to various daily stress can make sure to use this device.

What's in the Box?

  • 1x Symperal™ High-Frequency Wand
  • 1x Neon Powered Mushroom Wand
  • 1x Neon Powered Bent Wand
  • 1x Neon Powered Comb Wand
  • 1x Neon Powered Tongue Wand